This assignment, your second research assignment, builds on the  readings in Units 4, 5 and 6. Please use the pre-formatted Unit 6 APA  Assignment Template, linked in the Resources. You may also consult the  APA Style Template, also provided in the Resources, but be certain to  complete your assignment using the unit-specific template. The basic concept you will address is how ethics, human resources  and talent, and information systems and knowledge management contribute  to the overall performance of the organization. Pick three (3) specific  concepts, one from Unit 4 Ethics, Unit 5 HRM, and Unit 6 IS/KM—and then  address them within each section of the assignment. When conducting your research, be prepared to answer the following: Introduction Always begin all doctoral research papers by describing the  purpose of the paper including the specifics of what will be covered in  the body. Typical length is 150 to 200 words. Theory–Article Deconstruction Apply MEAL to deconstruct the selected three articles. M ain points for each article. Include at least three but no more than five points. E vidence. What type of data is presented? Is it factually supported or an opinion? What are the sources of data? A nalysis. What type of analysis, evaluation, or application are presented in the article? L inking. How well do the authors in each of  the articles convey their ideas, facts, analysis and support? This gets  at readability of each article Typical length: 300 words per article. Case Study Application Select a Fortune 500 company for your case discussion. This  company must be different than the one you used for the Unit 3  assignment. Based on your analysis of the articles used in your research, present and align concepts to the specific case organization. Typical length: 400–600 words. Conclusion What conclusions can be drawn from the theories presented and the  evidence applied to your case study organization? The conclusion is  typically 150–200 words. This section of every paper pulls together theory and application. Learner Option For those of you that want to build competencies faster, you have  the option of preparing a table in the Theory section of the paper. Insert a table which compares each of the three articles, using MEAL: how are they alike? How are they different? Your faculty instructor will provide feedback on effectiveness. Additional Requirements Your submitted paper must meet the following requirements: Use the assigned readings from Unit 4–6 and supplement with other literature to support your research. Be a minimum of 1200 words in length: this is three double-spaced pages, excluding the cover page and reference list. Follow current APA guidelines for style and format, including a cover page and headings.

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