Unit 5 Discussion:
Cherokee Removal

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the issue of Indian Removal during the 1830s by considering the various perspectives. This will allow you to “think historically” about one of the more dramatic events in our history. For this assignment, you will discuss BOTH perspectives (Cherokee and Andrew Jackson) regarding Cherokee Removal.

Required Readings ( Attached below )
Read the following sources for this discussion:

Cherokee sources
Memorial of the Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Address to the American People

Andrew Jackson sources
Andrew Jackson’s Second Annual Address to Congress
Andrew Jackson’s Seventh Annual Message to Congress

There are two parts to your discussion, so be sure to complete BOTH parts: the Initial Posting and your Response.

A.) For your INITIAL POSTING, you will examine the both sides of the debate over Indian Removal by first looking at the Cherokee perspective and then that of Andrew Jackson. As you read the primary sources (2 for the Cherokee and 2 for Andrew Jackson), identify the major arguments made by both and then upload a posting that discusses each perspective. You can be creative in how you complete the assignment – here are some examples of what you could do:

1. post a traditional 2-paragraph (minimum) written response
2. create a Word/Publisher document
3. create a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation
4. create a YouTube video

There is no paragraph/page limit for your initial posting (unless you write the traditional 2-paragraph minimum posting). Rather, take as long as you need to fully develop the main points of the readings – you are graded on how well you cover the main themes of both readings and your use of examples from the sources (for example, if you don’t include any examples from the reading, you will lose significant points). The key here is effort: minimal effort = low grade. Most of your posting should be in your own words. If you do use the exact wording from the sources, please be sure to put the quoted words in quotations. Be sure to proof your posting before uploading it.

B) For your RESPONSE, I want you to read all of the postings by other students and reflect on what you have learned. Choose a posting to respond to and in your response spend one paragraph (at least 6-7 sentences) discussing what you think is the most important lesson learned by reading the primary sources and the postings by your peers. You can discuss anything you’d like as long as it is related to the topic of Indian/Cherokee Removal and that you use examples/evidence to support your overall discussion. For example, you can focus on the role of Andrew Jackson as President; the role of Congress; whether Cherokee did indeed have the right to remain on their lands (think of the court case Worcester v. Georgia); what this event tells us about the history of the United States. All I ask is that your response is thoughtful, respectful (this is a very sensitive topic), relates directly to what you have learned, and is at least a paragraph.


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