Unit 4.1 Discussion: Critiquing Presentations After watching the speeches, “Anytown USA” and “No Child Left Behind: Addressing the School Dropout Rate Among Latinos”, in MindTap, critique the effectiveness of each speaker’s organization and delivery.  How did the choices made by the speaker impact the level of engagement you had with each speech? Some areas to comment on are: an engaging introduction, smooth transitions, credible evidence to support main ideas, concise conclusion with memorable ending, varied tone of voice, eye contact and other body language. In response to your peers, comment on any similarities you shared in your critique of the speeches. Unit 4.2 Discussion: Select your Informative Speech Topic In the next unit, you will begin researching and organizing your Informative speech.  In this discussion, please post your selected topic in the discussion board forum for your instructor’s approval.  In your post, please indicate the following: Topic Specific Purpose Thesis No Peer response necessary for this discussion.

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