Unit 1 Completed Section

Instructions: Each response requires a minimum of 275 words. Minimally 2 scholarly sources from EBSCO are required throughout the Complete assignment.

1.) Summarize the Coca-Cola case expanding upon consumers’ perspective on soda consumption. Three (3) dilemmas are presented within the case. Discuss one of the dilemmas providing full detail.

2.) A concept discussed in the READ and ATTEND is the triple-bottom-line orientation. What are the three components of this orientation? How can Coca-Cola maximize growth through each component given the decline in soda consumption?

3.) If you were a Marketing Manager for Coca-Cola and were assigned a project to increase market share by focusing on the value proposition and value from society’s perspective, what recommendations would you provide? Include at least three (3) recommendations and expand upon each recommendation.


Instructions: Each response requires a minimum of 275 words.

Minimally 2 per question scholarly sources from EBSCO are required for the Complete assignment.


Put reference with the answer and serpate them like how the question are.

Reference reading material is

Solomon, M., Marshall, G., & Stuart, E. (2012). Brand you: Marketing real people, real choices. (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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