Unit 2: Owning and Operating a Business – Thematic Project

Complete all assigned reading before attempting the assignment. Your answers must be based on the reading. Include both the questions and answers, type all answers in complete sentences, and number your work. Submit in the text box below or submit as a word or PDF document.

Entrepreneurship in a Global World

Globalization and technology are creating a worldwide marketplace. Smart entrepreneurs recognize the opportunities in a worldwide marketplace and adjust to doing business at a global level.

Thematic Project Assignment

In this project you will conduct an interview and create a presentation about entrepreneurship in a global world. Your interview may be in person, on the phone, or through e-mail.

Step 1: Brainstorm Skills You Need to Complete this Activity

Your success in interviewing an entrepreneur will depend on your skills. Preview the activity. Then brainstorm a list of the skills you will need to use to complete the activity and describe how you will use them. Skills you might use include:

  • Academic Skills reading, writing, math, and science skills
  • Basic Skills speaking, listening, thinking, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills
  • Technology Skills word processing, keyboarding, database, spreadsheet

Skills Preview: Click here to view a graphic organizer you can use to brainstorm the skills you will use to complete the project.

Step 2: Choose a Business and a Career That Interest You

Think of an entrepreneurial business that you fi nd interesting. Then think of a career in this entrepreneurial business that interests you. As you investigate how entrepreneurs work in the global marketplace, you will research the effects of globalization and technology on the business and career of your choice.

Step 3: Build Background Knowledge

Preview entrepreneurship in a global economy.

Steps 4 to 6

Step 4: Connect with Your Community

Interview two adults in your community about inconveniences they experience during the course of a day. Then think about what goods or services an entrepreneur could create or import to lessen or eliminate these inconveniences. Could these goods or services be exported to other countries?

Step 5: Research Business Trends

Interview a local entrepreneur to find out about entrepreneurship in a global economy. Then prepare your presentation. Use the project research checklist as a guide to help you develop your interview questions and prepare your presentation.

Step 6: Develop a Report

Use presentation software to develop a 5-minute presentation that includes all of the information described in the checklist.

Entrepreneurship in a Global Economy

✔ Create a chart that illustrates the countries in which the entrepreneur you interviewed conducts business. Use the chart in your presentation.
✔ Explain how technology helped this company become global.
✔ Explain how the economy in the United States and in other countries helps or hinders the company’s success.
✔ Explain the rewards and risks this company has experienced in the global marketplace.
✔ Give examples of how this company is socially responsible

Self Connections

✔ Describe the results of your research with a family member or other adult.
✔ Describe how the entrepreneur you interviewed infl uenced the business and career in which you are interested.
✔ Explain what the investigation and its results mean to you

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