The deliverable will be an APA style paper consisting of 2-3 pages (excluding cover, TOC & References pages) with the following Table of contents: + Abstract + Context and Background Information + Identification of the Main Issues/ Problems + Analysis of the Issues + Questions Answers + References Here is the Case Study at  below needs to be analyses and than 2,5 pages needs to write!! with APA style!! , the leading Internet shopping mall in Korea with 13 million customers, has developed an integrated Web traffic analysis system using SAS for Customer Experience Analytics. As a result, has been able to improve the online experience for its customers, as well as generate better returns from its marketing campaigns. Now, executives can confirm results anywhere, anytime, as well as make immediate changes. With almost one million Web site visitors each day, needed to know how many visitors were making purchases and which channels were bringing the most valuable traffic. After reviewing many diverse solutions and approaches, introduced its integrated Web traffic analysis system using the SAS for Customer Experience Analytics solution. This is the first online behavioral analysis system applied in Korea. With this system, can accurately measure and analyze Web site visitor numbers, page view status of site visitors and purchasers, the popularity of each product category and product, clicking preferences for each page, the effectiveness of campaigns, and much more. This information enables to better understand customers and their behavior online, and conduct sophisticated, cost-effective targeted marketing. Commenting on the system, Assistant General Manager Jung Hyo-hoon of the Marketing Planning Team for said, “As a result of introducing the SAS system of analysis, many ‘new truths’ were uncovered around customer behavior, and some of them were ‘inconvenient truths.’” He added, “Some site-planning activities that had been undertaken with the expectation of certain results actually had a low reaction from customers, and the site planners had a difficult time recognizing these results.” Benefits Introducing the SAS for Customer Experience Analytics solution fully transformed the Web site. As a result, has been able to improve the online experience for its customers as well as generate better returns from its marketing campaigns. Since implementing SAS for Customer Experience Analytics, has seen many benefits. A Jump in Customer Loyalty A large amount of sophisticated activity information can be collected under a visitor environment, including quality of traffic. Deputy Assistant General Manager Jung said that “by analyzing actual valid traffic and looking only at one to two pages, we can carry out campaigns to heighten the level of loyalty, and determine a certain range of effect, accordingly.” He added, “In addition, it is possible to classify and confirm the order rate for each channel and see which channels have the most visitors.” Optimized Marketing Efficiency Analysis Rather than just analyzing visitor numbers only, the system is capable of analyzing the conversion rate (shopping cart, immediate purchase, wish list, purchase completion) compared to actual visitors for each campaign type (affiliation or e-mail, banner, keywords, and others), so detailed analysis of channel effectiveness is possible. In addition, it can confirm the most popular search words used by visitors for each campaign type, location, and purchased products. The page overlay function can measure the number of clicks and number of visitors for each item in a page to measure the value for each location in a page. This capability enables to promptly replace or renew low-traffic items. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience Lead to Higher Sales built a customer behavior analysis database that measures eac…

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