Each response should be at the very least a paragraph in length (3-4 sentences). Be thoughtful in your responses and avoid simple replies like “Well done,” or “Good job.” Discussions are meant to be conversations. “Well done” as your message in your reply does not constitute a conversation! You can comment on their evaluation of the reading (keep it positive/constructive), comment on how it applies to you personally or professionally or respond to some other aspect of their post that resonates with you. DISCUSSION REQUIREMENTS For each chapter of Sustainable Living & Mindful Eating, you will complete a critical thinking assignment. (total of 2 replies required) INITIAL DISCUSSION POST FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS: The most important information/key concepts we need to understand from this chapter is: How can I use the information in the chapter to help me with my daily mindful eating practice? In what ways will the material learned in this chapter help me manage my mindful eating and stress levels more effectively? What are your thoughts and feedback regarding the information and the activities in this chapter? What do you think about Mindful Eating as a practice to promote weight maintenence or weight loss? Does this practice help you? Why or why not? What are the benefits of this approach? Challenges?

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