case study #1- Chapter 13, “Applications: Evaluating Staffing Process Results”: answer questions 1–4.

case study #2- Chapter 14, “Applications: Retention – Deciding to Act”: answer questions 1– 4.


attached textbook and rubric

This is a CASE STUDY assignment – do not answer the general end-of-chapter discussion questions in error.

  1. Any calculations explained in this case study should be typed in the same narrative prose as the rest of the paper. Including calculations in the paper must not result in extra white space or otherwise result in a paper that is less than three full pages of typed analysis and discussion. Continue to provide a title page, references page, and cite your references throughout the narrative.
  2. You must submit one MS Word attachment containing a title page, at least three complete pages of original analysis and discussion, and a references page (a minimum of one current, scholarly reference published in or after 2014).

Correct use of the APA format for in-text citations and the references list is required for all BUSI 643 assignments.

One inch margins on all four sides, and 12 point Times New Roman fonts on all pages – title page, narrative, and references list.

  1. Do not add extra spaces between lines, do not add extra white space at the top or bottom of pages, and do not use margins greater than one-inch. Doing so will result in a short paper and a significant grading reduction.
  2. Submitting 2.9 pages of typed narrative or less will result in a significant grading reduction. The required title page and required references page do not count toward the minimum page count.
  3. The case study must have a title page (title of paper, student’s name, course number and name, and the date submitted) and an APA-formatted references list.
  4. Graduate-level analysis and discussion of case study scenarios requires good narrative prose. As such, please do not submit bulleted or numbered statements in case studies.
  5. Use tables and figures sparingly; if these are used they must be captioned correctly in the APA format and do not count toward the three-page minimum of typed narrative.
  6. The APA format requires that you insert in-text citations at the correct places in the narrative each and every time someone else influenced your work and when you use the ideas, statistics, terms or information of others.
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