reading and screening all required materials and reading all the topic
pages, answer these questions in a single blog post: Topic 1 1. How does the paratext cue you to associate the series with certain genres, styles, and plot scenarios? (material attached) Topic 2 2. Screen the opening sequence (through the end of the credits) to the Battlestar Galactica season
3 episode “Occupation” (available on Amazon Streaming) and explain how
its style and narrative strategies both function to prepare viewers for
what the show is about and what the plot of the episode will encompass.
Then screen the rest of the episode to see how well those expectations
were met. Topic 3 In each case, please identify how the network is
constructing an identity for itself and an imagined audience for its
programming as well as an imagined relationship between the network, its
programs and its audience. How does the WB’s identification change in
the course of three years? WB Links:

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