Enlightenment and today–methods of exchange

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PROMPT: Which specific Enlightenment-era ideals and/or methods of exchange* do we still use, and what aspects have been altered or discarded altogether? Has this been for the better or the worse, and why? In terms of the past and the present, how much of an influence did/does consumerism play in both the methods of exchange and the free-flow of ideas?

Refer as applicable and needed to the resources for both this module and portions of Module Two (Atlantic System resources), especially for the last portion of the prompt. Please be sure to use a variety of sources, particularly primary, for support.

*Methods of exchange=Ways that we exchange ideas or communicate, where and how we communicate/exchange ideas, etc.

Please note: Kindly review TD guidelines (see the syllabus) and the rubric. Avoid submitting a peer reply on the same day as your main post.

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