Part 1

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On page 104 of Hillbilly Elegy, there’s a passage that explains the mindset of both Vance and his sister during the time that Papaw died, and that seems to tie in with the idea of God helping those who help themselves. Vance writes,

To this day, being able to “take advantage” of someone is the measure in my mind of having a parent. For me and Lindsay, the fear of imposing stalked our minds, infecting even the food we ate. We recognized instinctively that many of the people we depended on weren’t supposed to play that role in our lives, so much so that it was one of the first things Lindsay thought of when she learned of Papw’s death. We were conditioned to feel that we couldn’t really depend on people — that, even as children, asking someone for a meal or for help with a broken-down automobile was a luxury that we shouldn’t indulge in too much lest we fully tap the reservoir of goodwill serving as a safety valve in our lives.

This is a lot for a 13-year-old to worry about! What examples do we see of Vance (and his sister) taking care to not impose on others in chapters 7 and 8? How are they increasingly aware of taking advantage of others after Papaw dies? See if you can come up with at least two examples, and be sure to use the text to support your response.

Part 2

Why might the loss of local reporters affect news for US citizens? (Make sure to reference the PBS Video, “Saving American Journalism.”)

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