You will write an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement will
demonstrate what the various sources say on the topic. You might use the Forrest Gump
exercise as an example, although keep in mind that that essay was written in a less formal style
than you want to use for this assignment.
You will also have various body paragraphs that show synthesis. In synthesizing sources, you
will divide your paper into themes.
For example, let us assume that you find four articles on the need for improved training for
employees on mobile security issues. In this situation, assume that the four articles emphasize
different issues. One emphasizes the costs of data breaches to companies. Another emphasizes
reasons that employees do not practice safe cybersecurity practices. Another discusses methods
for training employees. Another mentions costs of training for such initiatives.
You might divide the paper into two categories:
• Reasons for implementing a training program
• Methods of and costs involved in implementing a training program

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