With the continual rise of digital media and our dependence on the internet for information and consumption, the importance of photography and motion pictures has greatly increased in recent years. For this assignment, you will need to first read chapter 9 (The Camera, Computer & Motion Picture Arts) in the “Living With Art”10th edition textbook.

For this assignment, I want you to carefully think about how photographic images and motion pictures greatly shape your everyday perception(s) of the world around you.

In a page or longer of writing, tell me specifically how photographic images in magazines, newspapers, books and the internet have shaped your perception(s) of the world. Give specific examples. How do movies, films and motion pictures also shape your everyday perception(s) of the world? Give examples and reasons.

Some other questions I would like you to address in your paper are: 1). Is the role of photography and motion pictures to inform us, mislead us or simply to entertain us (or all of these)? Give some specific examples. Also in your paper, I would like you to address these two questions: 3). Photography is said to have a greater impact over mass audiences than any other art medium (more so than paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, etc). Why is this? Give examples. 4). Photography also gets the most criticism for not being considered “art.” Why is this? Give examples.

Please respond to this assignment in a full page of writing or more. No double-spacing please, and use 12 point type. Please be mindful of spelling, grammar and complete sentence and paragraph structure.

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