The entire Chicago data repository is at your disposal, and there is no limit on what you can study.You can access all areas, years, offenses, or other aspects, like library activity, women’s centers etc.. Review the class presentations as needed to refresh your memory.

I will expect you to provide me the following:

1.Your proposal – What do you plan to study?How do you plan to conduct your study?What data will you use?What will you produce that will address your project goals?

2.Your spreadsheet – This should contain an organized arrangement of the steps you went through in acquiring, shaping, and processing your data to meet the needs of your project (do not physically include your raw data)

3.Your write-up – provide an executive summary of the problem, the analysis, the findings and conclusions/recommendations. (5-page limit, and no raw data, but tables and graphs are fine.)

Here’s the link for the Crime Data. District 10 is what I’ve been focused on.

We’ve used the data to do 3D maps in excel. Teacher is just wanting the above. Excel charts and diagrams can be added to the paper.

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