Introduction to the Assignment: This project allows you to use course concepts and tools as they relate to a health topic of your choice. You will begin to think of the broader concepts of health and how to discover, research, reflect upon, and respond to them in writing. You can choose any public health issue for the focus of this assignment. The topics can range from public health chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer to environmental issues such as climate change, air pollution and ozone depletion or on social public health issues such as poverty, gun violence and incarceration.

Format: Please use a standard 12-pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins and double-space your writing. The paper should be a minimum of five pages and absolutely no more than seven pages (but that does not include cover page or references). APA style is expected, and you must cite and reference accordingly. Refer to your APA manual or the OWL at Purdue for guidelines. Please use sub-headings to separate your sections as indicated below under the elements of the paper.

Sources: A minimum of five sources are required. You may use credible, online sources except for Wikipedia. At least two of your sources should come from other sources other than online. The SJSU library website can be helpful in your search. Textbooks from previous classes are also credible resources.

Helpful hints: Please follow the format of this paper in order. Subheadings are important; they help keep the paper organized and makes it easier for us to grade. Please take time to proofread your paper. Make sure what you turn in is complete, free of errors, and the best possible presentation of yourself and your ideas.

Elements of the paper:

1. Cover sheet – Engaging title, name, course name, number and section and date. (APA format) (5 pts)

2. Introduction to public health issue: (Cite at least three sources in this section) (10 pts)

a. What is the health/social issue you are trying to address and its effects on the community?

b. Why is this health issue important?

c. What populations/communities are affected by this issue and why?

d. What is the social context of your chosen health issue? How is your issue connected to the social determinants of health? 3. Community health promotion strategies, programs and interventions (Cite at least two sources in this section) (15 pts)

a. What types of community health promotion strategies, programs and interventions have been done to address this public health issue? b. What levels of the Spectrum of Prevention did these programs fall under? c. Were they successful? d. What were the challenges? e. How could they be improved? f. Describe the kind of assessment you would need to conduct in order to decide what type of intervention to implement.

4. Potential Community of Interest (10 pts)

a. As a result of what you have learned by researching this topic, what potential population/community would you choose to focus an intervention/program on and why? (Ex: Latino children, SJSU students, farmworkers, etc.) b. Describe the strengths and assets of the community and how they would help with the implementation of a community health promotion intervention. (These can be related to the physical location, the types of organizations in this community, protective factors such as the resilience this community has demonstrated over time, etc.) c. Describe the challenges and deficits this community experiences. (Risk factors, chronic diseases, lack of healthy food options, walkability issues, violence, etc.) d. Which of these challenges and deficits can be modified with a public health intervention and which ones cannot be modified? (Example: Location of community cannot be changed) e. Who would you need to engage within the community for a successful intervention? How would you engage them?

5. Potential Community Health Promotion Intervention Strategies (10 pts) a. What type of community health promotion intervention would you propose that would make an impact on the health issue you are trying to address? b. How would your intervention be specifically tailored to the community you have chosen? c. What levels of the Spectrum of Prevention would your intervention fall under and why have you chosen these levels? d. How would your proposed intervention make an impact and lessen the issues that come with the health/social issue that you are trying to address?

6. Conclusion – Reflection (5 pts) a. Summarize what you have learned from completing this assignment. b. How will you integrate what you have learned from this assignment into your community service learning project? (Pretend that you have complete control of this process) c. Did anything surprise you? d. What would you like to further explore as a result of this project?

7. References (APA citation format) (5 pts) 8. Overall Writing and Clarity (5 pts) a. Minimal grammatical errors b. Clear and succinct writing c. Overall engaging academic writing style d. No personal opinions

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