i need someone to help me in my project, i will send the link for the book that you should read and there are 4 pages maybe you will not find them in link so i will send them as a picture.

you should know that you have to work only for chapter 5,

this is the instructions for the project

Glob. Perspectives

In a single Word doc (or similar editable application), respond to the next four steps:

  • Restate one point/idea (from your assigned) chapter in your own words. It could be the same as you posted on the Discussions (above). In any case, the idea must have two or more possible viewpoints.
    There is no credit specifically for this step but you must do this to get any credit for parts 2, 3 and 4.
  • Research to find one writer (public, that is, someone who has been published in print, or other medium) who agrees with the point. State that writer’s view in ONE paragraph; give the reference location for this writer (citation). 4 pts
  • Research to find one writer (as above) who disagrees with the point. State that writer’s view in ONE paragraph; give the reference location for this writer. (citation). 4 pts
  • State your opinion on the topic you selected in one or two paragraphs.. 2 pts

this is the link for the book:


finally please make sure that you do everything like the instruction and you read everything clear.

and please please you should know that i am international student so i want to ask you to use simple and easy words and do not use strong words.

thank you

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