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The Contemporary Challenges of Pride, Vainglory, and Gluttony: A Biblical Response

The desert fathers and mothers of the fourth and fifth century of the Christian era wrote volumes on the dangers of pride, vainglory and gluttony. Are these warnings still applicable in a 21st century world? Based on your readings for this unit, construct a post of 200 – 250 words in which you evaluate whether the deadly vices of pride, vainglory and gluttony are still dangerous in our contemporary world. Be sure to provide clear Biblical and scholarly support for your posts. Feel free in using your textbooks as support material for this forum. Construct one further response post to another student in which you question, critique, elaborate or confirm their observations. The response post should be of equal length to your original post with the same level of support. Remember that in addition to your response to a fellow student, you must respond to all questions posed to you by your professor; your professor is very interested in your learning and responding to his or her questions is critical to this process.

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