TOPIC IS: The Challenge of Interfaith Marriages in American Judaism

1.Paper must be 6-7 pages in length (double spaced, 1 inch margins, 10 or 12 point type).No triple or quadruple spacing between paragraphs.No starting your paper half way down the first page.No double spacing your name/course info at the top of the page. around 1500 words

2. APA STYLE In your research you should consult a minimum of 5 sources (not including course textbooks).All sources must be listed on a separate bibliography page and attached to the back of your paper.Although required, the bibliography page does NOT count as one of your five minimum pages. You are allowed to use some internet sources for your paper however you should use QUALITY resources and part of my consideration in your grade will be how well you chose those resources.At this point there are still not enough quality, academic materials on the net for you paper to have ALL internet sources.For internet materials you will need to give author (if known), page title and location so that I can go directly to the page if necessary.

8. Your paper must involve research and analysis of a SPECIFIC TOPIC that deals with some aspect of religion as it

specifically relates to American society/culture

9.Grades will be primarily based upon your ANALYSIS of the material!!!

The Challenge of Interfaith Marriages in American Judaism

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