SECTION ONE (Contextual Information)  

In this section list all the important facts about the play; its author and significant historical information regarding its initial production.  This is the practical and logical section of your PAF.  

Author information (short biography, other works). 

Cast of characters, number of acts, scenes, number of sets.  

  1. Information about the historical period  in which the play was written.  Really try to capture the world of the play. 
  2. As a categorizing label, state what type or kind of play it is.  (i.e., classic Greek tragedy, 19th century melodrama, 1940’s American farce, etc.)  NOTE:  Remember that there are only 2 basic or pure forms of drama, namely tragedy and comedy.  All other forms are derivatives or amalgamations of those basic two such as farce, melodrama, tragi-comedy, heroic comedy or drama, etc.  The historical period may also influence the label.  For example:  expressionistic farce in the French tradition or Elizabethan tragedy influenced by the Roman playwright Seneca, etc. 
  3. Any vital or unusual production problems.  For example:  a goat is needed; 2 or more children; a moose head is required, etc. 
  4. SECTION TWO (Script Analysis) 
  5. This section is a specific written discussion encompassing your overall analysis of the form of the play and its structural components. 

Identify the protagonist of the play and give a brief justification for your identification. 

Identify the chief antagonist of the play and give a brief justification for your identification. 

Identify and clarify the dramatic tension which is present when the play begins. 

  1. Identify and clarify the point of attack in terms of the earliest incident in the play that exposes the basic conflict of the play.  State the nature of the basic conflict – who it is between or what it is between, what it is – identify by page number or dialogue or any specific way you can the attack. 
  2. Identify who, what or how the major conflict is resolved and state briefly where in the play the resolution occurs.
  3. Identify and clarify the major crisis of the play.  Where and how does it take place?  Give exact spot by page number, line of dialogue, etc. 
  4. If a major climax can be distinguished from the major crisis, identify and clarify it.  Where and how does it take place?  Give page number, dialogue, etc.  

Identify the development or outcome section of the play and briefly clarify what gets “wrapped up” in this section. 

  1. Identify and clarify the subject ISSUES (themes) of the play.  List them as one-word subjects or as subject and issue questions or as both if you prefer.  List in priority of importance (i.e., justice, revenge, aging, etc.) 
  2.  List the characters in order of their importance to the story, and identify and clarify the key drives, desires and motivations of each character. 
  3. Clearly state in one complete sentence the central idea of the play.  Then list any important subordinate ideas. 
  4. In one succinct paragraph comment on the characterizations.  For example, are the characters clear and well-distinguished from one another?  Are they believable?  Are they three-dimensional?  Do they possess emotion?  Thought?  
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