You are assigned a project for your Marketing class in the MBA Program at UNA. The project is team based. There is one deliverable, a (virtual) presentation to the professor and other members of the class. You have 15 weeks from the start of the semester until the project is due. Your team has five members who are from different educational and work backgrounds. No “leader” is assigned. How you choose to set up your team, the processes you use, and the tools/technology you use is up to you.

Based on the podcasts, readings, slides, etc. from this Module please outline how you would structure your virtual team to ensure the highest level of performance and effectiveness from your team. Make sure to consider factors such as timelines/deadlines, task assignments, communication processes, accountability, norms, etc.

You should write about two pages, these two pages do not contain the title page the to answer this case application you must provide sufficient detail and explanations (i.e., a few sentences is most likely insufficient).

You need to write is after finish watching this vedio.:

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