Guiding Questions What makes a high quality or highly effective teacher? How can the three attitudes/characteristics of reflective teaching be utilized? How (or when) do you engage in reflection? What teacher evaluation tool/model does your district use? Do you feel this model makes you a better teacher? Why or why not? Does it promote reflection or change your practice? What role should student achievement play in your evaluation? Pre-Reading Before attending to this week’s readings, think about the questions above. Much like you would do a K-W-L Chart with your students; determine what you KNOW about the topic and what you WANT to KNOW about the topic. Your R2R Post will indicate what you LEARNED about this week’s content. Refer to the R2R details and the success criteria outlined in the Syllabus. Readings Grant & Zeichner (1984) Post a Reflective Response (R2R) Approximately 500 words in length Post should be substantive demonstrating knowledge of the readings Should address the Guiding Questions for the week See Syllabus for Success Criteria

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