Which of the following examples may be classified as identity fraud? A. You are wrongfully accused of a crime committed by an impostor. B. Your phone bill reflects long distance charges you did not make. C. You have documents that helped you illegally immigrate into the country. D. You use a fake name to make a restaurant reservation Which of the following statements correctly distinguishes between identity theft and identity fraud? A. Identity fraud is always a victimless crime. B. Identity fraud may involve the fabrication of identity information based on a fictitious person. C. Identity theft may be done for criminal purposes. D. Identity theft does not utilize historical or biometric information Which of the following refers to redirecting thin slices of accounts into a designated location? A. Salami technique B. Data diddling C. Spoofing D. ISP-jacking Which of the following refers to a seller in an auction driving up the cost of his or her own item by bidding on it? A. Fee stacking B. Shill bidding C. Misrepresentation D. Non delivery Which of the following refers to a software program or hardware device that records everything you type into a compromised computer? A. Keyloggers B. Salamis C. Worms D. Trojans Which of the following refers to the abuse of electronic messaging systems to randomly or indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages? A. Phishing B. Spamming C. Phreaking D. Shoulder surfing “Popcorning” is a technique used in which of the following physical methods of identity theft? A. Child identity theft B. Mail theft C. Fraudulent or fictitious companies D. Theft of computers Paper shredders and disk-wiping software are means to avoid which of the following physical methods of identity theft? A. Mail theft B. Bag operations C. ATM manipulation D. Dumpster diving Which of the following refers to the sale of stolen goods through technological means? A. Day trading B. Insider trading C. e-Fencing D. Spoofing Which of the following refers to a malware program that encrypts or otherwise renders computer or digital resources inoperable or inaccessible in furtherance of the illegal compulsion of an action or exchange? A. Worm B. Social engineering C. Ransomware D. Spyware A deliberate, politically or religiously motivated attack against data compilations, computer programs, and/or information systems that is intended to disrupt and/or deny service or acquire information that disrupts the social, physical, or political infrastructure of a target, is known as: A. cyberterrorism. B. salami technique. C. cyberstalking. D. cyberbullying. Which of the following types of identity theft/fraud is by far the most common and also the most feared by the American public? A. Credit identity theft/fraud B. Assumption of identity C. Theft for employment and/or border entry D. Virtual identity theft/fraud Which of the following is true regarding bag operations as a physical method of identity theft? A. They include sifting through commercial or residential trash or waste for information deemed valuable. B. They are typically conducted by the host government’s security or intelligence services. C. They are executed by depositing personal documents in unlocked containers on the side of the road until they are retrieved. D. They involve the creation of shell companies that engage in the collection of personal financial information Which of the following best distinguishes identity theft? A. Identity theft is the illegal use or transfer of third party’s personal identification information with unlawful intent. B. Identity theft encompasses identity fraud within its purview. C. Identity theft involves any attempts by minors to use fake IDs to purchase alcohol or gain access to nightclubs or gambling establishments. D. Identity theft is a vast array of illegal activities based on fraudulent use of identifying information of a real or fictitious person Which of the following is atypical of both physical stalkers and cyberst…

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