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Change is something that is not always easy for people. It makes people wherry of their surroundings, some times making them question every move they make. When things start to change, it always makes people question the outcome. If one of my employees was resistant to change, I would make sure to get a better understand of why exactly they may be feeling that way. Maybe there is a reasonable explanation of why the change is effecting them the way that it is.

I feel that the only way to achieve behavioral and attitude change is by having a one on one with the employee. Ask them what is bothering them, and why he or she is asking in that manner. There may be something that you do not know effecting the employee, and without you addressing the issue it may continue to get worse and cause future issues.

I would use force-field analysis to see how other felt about the changes put in place. Maybe something is not working as the establishment had thought, or maybe there is something that can help improve the change. It allows the employees to feel like their opinion is important, and their satisfaction is something that is necessary to run a successful company.

In my place of employment, we get secret shopped ten times a month. Our job is to ask certain questions to every guest to ensure that you pass the shop. The competition between the drive forces and the restraining forces is that it has to be said different at certain times of the day. There is also two parts to the shop so an employee can pass one part and fail another. One of the biggest problems is first time guest. The chef is supposed to go to the table and provide the guest with a gift, but they are always to busy to visit the table. The chefs want the management team to visit the table, causing confusion to the server, not allowing them to pass the shop if the gift is not received.

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