Assignment 8 Supply Chain Performance & Financial Analysis-

In this assignment students will choose a company and develop a plan for assessing the company’s supply chain performance. Students will be responsible for incorporating financial measures in this assessment. Students will draw conclusions by comparing their chosen company to given financial ratios and industry averages. Answers will be reported in Canvas.

Chapter 13 Supply Chain Performance and Financial Analysis (Edition 9 Ch 5)

You have been hired to consult for a company in an industry you find to be fascinating. They are particularly interested in your expertise in the area of supply chain performance. To help them, you must successfully navigate the following questions. However, you must first pick an industry.

  1. Create an index for self-assessing supply chain performance that is important to your particular industry. What are the standards that you feel are general to all companies? What are the standards that you feel are specific to your industry? Why? Note: Refer to Ch 13, but you should also conduct outside research to substantiate best practice. Groups wishing to receive full credit MUST identify categories (e.g. delivery) AND at least 2-3 measures under each category. So if delivery is important how would delivery be assessed?
  2. Briefly assess your company against a competitor and within the relevant industry. (e.g. For Coca-Cola I could refer to this link (Links to an external site.)to assess Coke against Pepsi and the beverage industry.) To do a good job, students should expect this last question to be a few typed, double-spaced pages. (i.e. Convince me that you understand the position of your focal company to a competitor and the industry.) GENERAL CALCULATIONS
  3. If your chosen company has a yearly cost of goods sold of $1,000,000.00 and a yearly average inventory of $80,000.00, what is the company’s inventory turnover?
  4. If the industry average of inventory turnover is 10/year, is your company doing better or worse than the industry average? Why do you think this is so?
  5. Assuming a 50 week year, what is your company’s weeks supply on hand?
  6. If the best-in-class competitors have 3.5 weeks supply on hand, is your company doing better or worse than the industry average?
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