Hey guys this is a super easy assignment and I would do it but I have so may other things to do. I just need the asnwers to be well thought out because its worth a lot of points. The document to fill out the questions below is attached to this. Please just open it and complete everything in a word document. thanks!

Option 1:

In Chapter 2 we discussed Corporate Culture, below is a self-assessment on your corporate culture preferences. Please complete the self-assessment and provide a 1-page response to the questions at the end. There are no right or wrong answers on the self-assessment itself, so take the time to reflect and explore your ideal work environment.


Instructions: The fit between new manager and organizational culture can determine success and satisfaction. To understand your culture preference, rank the items below from 1 to 8 based on the strength of your preference (1 = strongest preference).

1. The organization is very personal, much like an extended family.

2. The organization is dynamic and changing, where people take risks.

3. The organization is achievement oriented, with the focus on competition and getting jobs done.

4. The organization is stable and structured, with clarity and established procedures.

5. Management style is characterized by teamwork and participation.

6. Management style is characterized by innovation and risk taking.

7. Management style is characterized by high performance demands and achievement.

8. Management style is characterized by security and predictability.

Scoring and interpretation: Each question pertains to one of the four types of culture in Exhibit 2.7. To compute your preference for each type of culture, add together the scores for each set of two questions as follows:

Involvement culture — total for questions 1, 5: __

Adaptability culture — total for questions 2, 6: __

Achievement culture — total for questions 3, 7: __

Consistency culture — total for questions 4, 8: __

A lower score means a stronger culture preference. You will likely to be more comfortable and more effective as a new manager in a corporate culture that is compatible with your personal preferences. A higher score means the culture would not fit your expectations, and you would have to change your style and preference to be comfortable. Review the text discussion of the four culture types. Do your cultural preference seems correct to you? Can you think of companies that fit your culture preference?

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