$5 IS ALL I CAN DO ON THIS ASSIGMNET! MY SON HAS A BIRTHDAY THIS WEEKEND SO MONEY IS TIGHT. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO PAY MORE IF YOU CAN NOT DO THE ASSIGMENT FOR 5 PLEASE DON’T ASK TO DO IT. See the Final Paper Flow Chart for a quick overview of the Final Research Paper. Now that you’ve reviewed the Final Research Paper requirements, you are ready to complete the Week Three Assignment Worksheet , which contains further instructions. I HAVE ALSO INCLUDED THE CHAPERTS AND SECTIONS FROM THE TEXT BOOK IF NEEDED. THE FILE LABLED Jasson WILL BE USED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT PLEASE click on the links, if you can not open them please let me know. READ and UNDERSTAND this assignment.  Everything in RED is important. The attached files will be needed on this assignment. FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT THE WEEK THREE ASSIGNMENT WORKSHEET WILL NEED TO BE COMPLETED. I HAVE ATTACHED A BLANK WORKSHEET. PLEASE READ THE WORKSHEET AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUSTIONS ON IT.  THE FINAL PAPER FLOW CHART IS IMPORTANT TOO. AND PLEASE REVIEW THE LINK TITLED TUTORIAL FOR WEEK 3 WORKSHEET IT WILL HELP WITH COMPLEATING THIS ASSIGNMENT. This is week 3 worksheet THIS IS THE ASSIGNMENT THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE Please review this assignment tutorial for help filling out this worksheet. 1) Select one aspect of culture from the list . Once you’ve made your selection, please delete all other options. Education (this is the topic I want to use because it corresponds with my major) Healthcare Rites of passage Religion Politics Business 2) Select a source to use for Part I of the paper. For this worksheet, include the source you found through your own research . Review the tutorial on Evaluating sources and enter your reference in the space below. Reference entry in APA format : 3) Include the reference for Part II that corresponds to the topic you’ve chosen. Copy and paste the reference entry from the table (e.g., if you chose Education, you would use the article by Jonsson for Part II). The Josson artical is the attached file labled Jasson-2014-anthropology_education_quarterly.pdf 4) Summarize the main points from each of your sources. See this guide for help with summarizing your sources. Summary of your source for Part I (include one to two paragraphs, totaling at least 300 words). Enter your summary in the space below. Summary of your source for Part II (include one to two paragraphs, totaling at least 300 words). Enter your summary in the space below. The article for this part is an attached file labeled Jonsson. You will need this article for this section 5) Write a working thesis statement based on your sources. See this example . Working Thesis Statement:

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