each question needs to be 200 words with atleast 1-2 references 1) Historically, one of the first programming languages we learn has   been some variant of BASIC. This is no longer the case. Why was BASIC good in the past? Why have we     moved to Python? Feature-by-feature, how powerful is     BASIC vs. Python? Which language of the two do you     feel would be more valuable in your career? If there were     another language you would choose as your first, what would it be?   Why? 2) Believe it or not, many professionals believe that if you know only   scripting languages, you are not a programmer. What are the differences between scripting and   programming? Is one harder to learn/apply than the     other is? Research what code portability is. Are     scripted languages easier/more difficult to port than programming     languages? Why? Are there any features or power differences     between scripting and programming languages? Based     upon your research, can/should scriptarians be considered     programmers? Why/why not?

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