Introduction There comes a point in almost everyone’s life when they ask themselves whether to study or work. The choice can be really difficult for young people. What’s worse is that for some people there is a point in life when they ask themselves if they should have rather chosen to do a job rather than study or the other way round. But everything in life comes with its own consequences. This can result in an advantage or a disadvantage. Let’s delve into the details of this age-long confusion. Lacking Concentration or Motivation In case you plan to join an office and earn money and have given up on the idea of studying, you might not regret it later on. This is because the university or further studies doesn’t guarantee that you are going to find a suitable job, it will only provide you with better opportunities to find a job. Hence, in case you have already found a job that is partially satisfying and well-paid, you are going to suffer a huge loss. In fact, you have actually gained something. There are many young people with a university degree but are unable to find a job. Thus, in this case, you need to consider this as a gain. Also, you will go much earlier in a pension in comparison to the people who have decided to pursue their career in studies. People who want to achieve greater heights in terms of academics have to first secure a title and then need to look for a job. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with the kind of work you are doing, you can always reconsider going back to the university. One thing is for sure as you work, you can earn more money than you study if you don’t have a scholarship. Even for people who have a scholarship, you can get money, if you opt to work in your free time . So, if you are motivated enough to study, you can continue studying but if you are not, you should work. By doing this, you can earn more money and also get some experience rather than losing your motivation. Justice, Fairness, and Satisfaction Concentration and motivation play a significant role when you choose a university. Remember, you have to write assignments. Sure, you can take the help of an essay writer service where you will get professional essay writers who will write your essay for you. However, there are various things that you have to get done all by yourself such as participating in seminars. You get to learn new things even if you are taking the help of a custom essay writing service Edusson to write your essay for you, there are new opportunities. But with jobs, you have to do the same work every day. Initially, you are going to be overwhelmed as to how much you have actually learned at your office. Initially, you are going to be overwhelmed with how much you really have to learn at your job but a few months later, the enthusiasm you have is going to fade away. This is because you put in the hard work and have learned everything to such an extent that you are going to find your job and your daily routine to be pointless and boring. University gives you the chance to learn new things. As you do your assignments and give exams, you get to learn new things. Even if you are hiring a writing service, you have to study to get good grades in your exam. When you grow up and look for ways to earn money life is not going to be fair. But when you are at the university, you do not really have to think about all these. All you have to do is the study and get good grades. In case money doesn’t play a big role in your life, the university is going to give you the satisfaction you need. Conclusion All in all, it is your choice that matters. If you want money, you have to choose to work, and studying means you have to put in the hard work to get good grades and not be lazy. No one knows what the best choice is but you can try either of the options and if you are not satisfied, do the opposite.

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