FYI – There will be a rally at Battery Park from 3:30 – 5:00 PM, where Greta will be

expected to speak.

On September 20th 2019, three days before the UN Climate Summit in NYC, a huge

student-led protest will be held, aimed at pushing governments from across the world to

take serious action to address global warming and the growing climate crisis. This protest

is timed to challenge the world leaders who will gather at the United Nations that same

week. Students across the world will be protesting at the same time. It may be one of the

biggest days of coordinated action in recent times and it will be an action led and

coordinated by youth. By working with the university to provide a safe space to organize

at if they so choose to join the assembly at Foley Square, along with the march and rally

at Battery Park, [ ] the Tishman Center is supporting the

strike and being an ally to the youth. This process has been created and led by the youth,

and while raising our voices is to the benefit of everyone, they are the ones that will deal

with the fallout of the actions of older generations’ pumping CO2 into the air.

As a faculty member of TNS, and member of its Tishman Environment and Design Center

(TEDC), I support our students’ engagement in this significant world issue and applaud

their conviction in fighting for better climate policies. TEDC will be providing materials to

make signage and snacks for any students, staff, and faculty at 66 W 12th. St. and a place

to gather in the cafe and courtyard area. [See the link:]

If students want to go to Foley Square to hear Greta Thunberg speak. This could be a great

place to congregate before going!

Here is a list of events for the day in NYC:

Here is a TED Talk by Greta that launched this student movement:


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