Personal Strategic Plan

This assignment is a final program paper to apply strategic goal setting to your ongoing professional growth. The paper will have a title page, abstract page, 3-5 pages of body and a reference page (if needed; the Rimm book- “The Joy of Strategy”: A business Plan for Life by Allison Rimm may be your only reference- Let me know if you need me to scan some pages or if you can find enough information on the internet).

  • Do a SWOT analysis for yourself that relates to your goals. Include a branding statement that applies to yourself and your goals.
  • List three SMART goals you have for your professional growth/personal life (see handout in a link in Unit 8 or read more about “SMART goals” on the internet). Note that SMART goals include timelines; some goals may have several steps/subgoals to be met on the way to major goal.

My GOALS are:

-Attain SHRM-SPC certification on December 1, 2017: Meeting this goal would increase promotion opportunities. I am currently attending a SHRM preparation course to help me pass the exam.

-Graduate by August, 2018: Meeting this goal would increase my job opportunities. I am currently enrolled in school.

-Retire at 41 years old: This is my ultimate goal to be able to relax after working my butt off for 24 years- having done multiple deployments and spent a lot of time away from loved ones, this will give me an opportunity to settle down and enjoy life. I am currently working to improve my financial stability to assist in meeting this goal.

– Organization I’d like to work for after retirement would be the Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Include at least one professional organization that you can join (many have student memberships at reduced prices; you may want to join now!). Explain the benefits of belonging and when you will join the organization.


Three or more goals are listed using the SMART format.

The importance of each goal with examples of their impact on your life or career is explained.

SWOT analysis is well done with all 4 elements well developed. A branding statement is included.

Action plan includes a well-developed list of resources needed and a detailed time line of steps or sub goals for each of the goals. Logical factors that may affect the goals are described.

Includes at least one professional organization and how you feel membership will be helpful as you work to meet your goals

Describes how you will measure progress toward meeting each of the goals.

Content is well written, with any cites and references in APA.

Assignment submitted on time by Sunday 11:59 p.m. CT

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