In this week’s Learning Resources, you were introduced to the four interdependent stages of the scenario process called QUEST (questions, environments, scenarios, and transformations). In stage one, you develop framing questions in order to identify the purpose of your scenario planning process. The SWOT analysis you completed in Week 3 can be used as a way of identifying a purpose and agenda to your scenario planning process and helping to identify areas in the environment that will need greater focus over the next 5–10 years. For this Assignment, review the Learning Resources for this week. Create interview questions for a leader or subject matter expert in the nonprofit or government organization you have selected for your Final Project, and provide the following: Provide the position of the leader or subject matter expert you interviewed and explain why you chose this person. Describe other key players you would interview in your organization and/or community as part of a scenario planning process, and explain why. Provide a list of 5–8 questions that you asked this individual and the answers you obtained during the interview. Describe the driving forces you observed in the leader or subject matter expert you interviewed. Sample questions can be taken from this week’s Learning Resources and may look something like those below: When you look 10 years ahead, what do you consider most uncertain about where we are heading with local government? What would you consider a good outcome or a favorable scenario from these uncertainties? What would you consider a bad outcome or nightmare scenario? What are the major lessons learned in local government in the past 5 years that should carry us into the future? What are the big decisions that need to be taken in the immediate future that will steer us away from the nightmare scenario? What are the main constraints standing in the way of the favorable scenario? The Assignment should follow APA 6th edition guidelines: Title page Running head Introduction and Conclusion Level 1 headings to define sections 3–5 pages in length, double spaced, 12 pt Times Roman font 3–5 references cited in the text and a reference list

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