Description In this speech, you will provide an analysis of a
cultural artifact (
use of baseball in Puerto Rico) using public identity as a critical lens. Your goal
in this speech is to explain to your audience the basis for your
critical judgment about the artifact. This speech should last at least, but no more
than, 6–8 minutes. You will be given a 15-second grace period on
either end. This time limit is not a suggestion. It is a
requirement, and points will be deducted if you go over or under the
time limit. Instructions The object you analyze (
use of baseball in Puerto Rico) should be well known or
easily shown to your audience. Your analysis should focus on claims
made by the artifact on the audience in terms of the issue of public
identity (race/gender/orientation, citizenship, or public memory).
Additionally, your speech should inform us about the context of the
artifact by presenting sufficient historical and cultural background
for the audience in class. Ultimately, you should be presenting a
clear and thoughtful argument about the object as something that can
be understood as a material instance of rhetoric. This argument
should not be limited to whether the object was
merely aesthetic, functional, or in conversation with community
standards, but should judge it according to the criteria of how
it—intentionally or not—persuades someone to think, to act, or to
believe in specific ways. Were the purposes of the object (assuming
it had an intended purpose) fulfilled by its persuasive stance or
contradicted? What were the consequences or potential impact of the
artifact? Were the principles behind it valid? This assignment will rely on logos. Logos is one
of the rhetorical proofs that lead to judgment by the audience. Logos
is based on evidence and reasoning, language, and structure. Your
analysis, given in a speech, will demonstrate how you use criticism
as a form of civic engagement. What you believe to be the persuasive
dimensions of the cultural artifact will demonstrate that you know
how to be a critic involved in public life, that you know how to do
criticism that is engaged in civic matters, and that this functions
in ways that are important for the good of the public. Provide support for your speech by drawing on what
others say about the artifact or about artifacts like it: include a
minimum of six published sources cited orally in the speech, cited in
the outline for your speech where you use them, and listed in the
outline bibliography / Works Cited page. Four of the six sources must
be scholarly (edited, peer-reviewed) publications. Journalistic
sources, news-aggregators, and general web pages are not scholarly
sources, but they can be used to provide factual information,
historical background, or pertinent cultural characteristics and
uses. The artifact you analyze is not a source: it is the object of
your analysis. The textbook for this course is not a source: it is
your guide for preparing your speech. Your instructor can be an
invaluable resource in developing your perspective: ask your
instructor for suggested scholarly readings that will help you
conduct your analysis. Remember, your purpose is not merely to
provide facts in an informative speech, but to use these facts to
argue persuasively for the perspective that you are taking. Keep in Mind… The full
sentence, preparation outline for your speech is worth 40 points. We have
provided an outline shell that will help you structure the body, introduction, and conclusion
for your speech. The outline
should be completed as a Word document and submitted here when you
submit your video. The speech, as
it is presented in the video you submit, is worth 160 points. Also review the
evaluation criteria established by CAS for the assessment of all
speeches. The time frame for completing and
submitting your presentations is indicated on the course schedule. Cultural
Commonplaces Speech Outline Cultural
Commonplaces Speech Outline Criteria Rat…

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