• Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

    Link to NASA Report of Columbia Accident Report
    Internet Articles Discussing the Tragedy

  • Space.com
  • SpaceSafetyMagazine.com
  • History.com
  • Assignment

    FA: Space Shuttle Columbia

    After reviewing the links on the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy, analyze the information to write a report over the following:

    • From the findings listed in the spreadsheet, analyze how NASA should apply Management Leadership and Worker Participation to the work environment.
    • Where does Stop Work Authority (SWA) come into focus during this mission? When should it have been implemented (at what stage in the mission)?
    • How does implementing the SWA relate to ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management.
    • Speculate how using SWA in connection with ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management could have changed the outcome of this shuttle mission.

    Use APA format to write your report. You should have at a minimum 4 headings within your report from the list of questions above. This paper should be at a minimum two pages, double spaced – not including the cover sheet and reference page. Cite all sources!

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