SOCIAL PROBLEMS VISUAL/PHOTO ESSAY PROJECT Images have been presented throughout your text to capture the human experience of social problems. The photos help to illustrate specific issues and have provided you with an opportunity to reflect about social problems, particularly those affecting you and your community. Now you will have the opportunity to construct your own visual essay. Instructions This assignment offers you an opportunity to create your own visual essay to capture and reflect one specific social problem. For this exercise, you will need to select a series of 10 photos that document/illustrate a particular social problem. You may choose the social problem you will focus on for this assignment. You will discuss how you define the problem (refer to chapter 1 in your textbook) as well as present images that illustrate the social problem. The photos used for this assignment can be collected in several ways:  You may not shoot your own photos for this project or use personal photos.  You may use photos through published sources (e.g., books).  You may also search websites for photos. (google images,,, etc… Please note: You must document where you obtained the photos by providing source, ID number (if available), photographer (if known) and publisher/website address. Each of the 10 photo slides should also contain the following information: Title: Original assigned by photographer or assigned by student Date of photograph: Or “Date Unknown” if not provided Name of photographer: Or “Photographer Unknown” if not provided Complete Source Information: Web address or other Brief statement about the significance of the image as it relates to and/or illustrates the social problem. How does the image connect to or show example of the problem? What caused you to choose this image as an example of the problem? No more than two (2) slides may be used per photo, if necessary. The photo and required information must fit on one or two slides only. The final product of the project should be a power point presentation of no less than 13 and no more than 24 slides as follows: Slide one (1 slide): Title (the social problem you have chosen to focus on) Your name and student ID number (no photo) Next slide(s) (1 or 2 slides): The Social Problem (no photo) On no more than two slides, discuss the problem by clearly addressing each of the following questions. What is the social problem? Why is it of interest to you or why did you choose to examine this problem? How have you defined it as a problem (who is impacted by it, how are they impacted, is it clearly a public issue or personal trouble?) Why is it something that should be of interest to sociologists and the public in general? Photo slide(s) (10 – 20 slides): Ten images (no more/no less) should be used within the presentation. A second slide may be used if all required information will not fit on first. If two slides are used, the image should appear on the first. Final Slide (1 slide): Conclusion A brief statement of conclusion should be provided to wrap up your essay. The 100 points available for this assignment will be awarded as follows: The social problem and conclusion slides 30pts 10 photos (1 pt each) 10pts Source Information for each photo (2pts each) 20pts Statement of significance (4pts each) 40 pts Total points for presentation 100 pts

Note: All of these instructions are also attached as a PDF for easy reading and navigation.

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