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Objective: To assess the validity and reliability of the Ice Cream Personality Test, proposed by Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation.


You have already completed the first part of the activity by asking at least 20 people their favorite ice cream flavor and their personality (1pt). Here, I want you to write a one- to two-page summary answering the following questions. Feel free to use the lecture slides to assist you in writing your response.

1. Explain the concepts of validity and reliability of the measurement of psychological constructs. What do we mean when we say a measure demonstrates construct validity? How does this differ when we say something is reliable? (1pt)

2. In your opinion, explain why you think the Ice Cream Personality Test is/is not a valid way to assess an individual’s personality. (1pt)

3. Do the results of our classroom demonstration support the theory that one’s favorite ice cream is associated with their personality? Explain why or why not (HINT: see the statistical test used in the lecture). (1pt)

4. If you wanted to measure personality in a sample of Lynn students, how would you go about doing it? (1pt)

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