Reflection Paper 

Write an essay (minimum 750 words -1000 words maximum) that includes at  least four relevant references to Hine and addresses the following:FILLER TEXT

Drawing upon Milner, explain how status systems work among youth in  schools. Hint: To do this, you need to explain his theory of status and  its four components.

Compare and contrast your high school with the high school discussed  by Milner in terms of status. When comparing schools, you should  discuss specific aspects of WWHS and explain how your school was  similar/different. Hint: “While WWHS was (describe WWHS), my high school  was similar/different because (describe your high school).


Do not use outsides sources for this paper. The goal is for you to demonstrate your mastery of the course material.

Point 1 should not only be discussed in your introduction. You need  to quote the author, explain the point in your own words, and provide an  example.

  1. Title: Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids. FILLER TEXT  Author: Murray Milner Jr.FILLER TEXT
  2. Title: The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager.  Author: Thomas HineFILLER TEXT


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