As we did in Module 1, I’m asking you to share your papers with your small group members. Remember, the exchange of ideas is SO important in this class. Through our written work, we can share our personal experiences as they relate to the assigning reading. Listening to others’ experiences broadens our understanding of a topic. I understand that you might feel vulnerable in exposing your writing to peers, but you will become a better writer and critical thinker through this process. I challenge you to be brave and to open yourself up to this process.

In this discussion entry, please paste the contents of your reaction paper. Each group member will read and comments on each others’ papers. Support each other, encourage each other, challenge each other. Remember to treat each other with kindness and to do your best to understand where someone is coming from. Initial post due Wed at 11:59 PM and peer replies due Sunday at 11:59 PM.

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