For this task you will complete two (2) parts:

Part One is a comparative analysis of the NCAA Manuals for all three divisions (I, II, and III). The article sections of interest will be the Organization in Article 4, and the Legislative Authority and Process in Article 5.

Part Two will require you to search the Internet for two NCAA sanctioned institutions, each being from a different division than the other, possessing a compliance policy and procedures manual.

Do not select the example manuals provided in this week’s required readings. Once you have chosen your institutions, review each manual and perform an analysis containing similarities, differences, and additions concerning the respective manuals.

Part 1:
Your comparative analysis should focus on Organization (Article 4) and Legislative Authority and Process (Article 5) present in all three manuals. Be sure to include the following topics of debate:

  • Compare and contrast the organization structure for each division.
  • What are the distinctive focus differences between each division?
  • How does the legislative authority differ within each division?
  • Where do potential challenges or issues exist among each division throughout this week’s two articles of focus?
  • What additional topic(s) would you present to the NCAA Board of Directors to be reviewed as a potential bylaw addition for these article sections?

Part 2:

  • Search the Internet and select two NCAA sanctioned institutions (South Carolina State – D1 and Coker College- D2), each being from a different division of the other, possessing a policies and procedures manual for compliance.
  • Identify the similarities and differences between the two manuals.
  • Explain if the manuals cover essential compliance topics within an athletic department at the respective level. If not, what should be included?
  • What additional information can the institutions provide in their manuals that will improve the quality of compliance?

Defend your point of view and support your claims.

Length: 5–7 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: 3–5 resources

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