for this assignment you are a camp director for kids follow the instructions and please respond to the following activity #5 with 500 words


From Activity #5

List three (3) lessons you learned from each article – items you’ll be able to practice and/or test at your own camp.

Describe your camp’s preventative maintenance plan and routine and include at least one way it could be improved.

resources attached


Long Term Planning: Including Capital Improvements

Most camp properties are in perpetual change, and every camp director is faced with decisions about these changes at some time: building new structures, remodeling and repairing older structures, or constructing roads or sewer lines, and the like. Such concerns may not be the primary interest or strength of the camp director, and it may seem to be an interruption of the more important aspects of programming and service to others. However, the camp director must develop a plan to effectively deal with those changes, both in the acquisition of funding as well as designating staff to supervise and/or accomplish the changes (Ball and Ball, p.198).

The wise camp director understands that form follows function and will work to help develop a facility that serves and enhances the program functions of the camp. If the camp does not have a master site plan, resulting from a long-term look at the camp’s philosophy, market, program, finances, and facilities, then this should become the first priority of the director, owner, or volunteer board or committee. To make extensive changes in the property without an overall plan could be both costly and frustrating.

A master site plan requires a commitment to study the overall camp situation and its potential. A site plan should focus anywhere from 5 to 20 years in the future and could include five-year installments for incremental change (Ball and Ball, p.198).

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