This is the discussion post that needs to be made. It needs to have at least one paragraph per question. Read and ONLY use the articles included and I have included the introduction for the week from the professor so you understand what she wants.

This week, I’ve asked you to read two different research studies – one, by Figlio and Karbownik, and the other by Rutledge, et al. These studies employ very different methods to investigate the work of schools and educators – but let’s not worry too much about the methods for now.

Instead, I want to just focus in on a few “simple” questions:

1.) First, what big, core question do you think that each of these studies is wrestling with, in their own ways?

2.) While each study is trying to answer the same BIG question, how do you think they differ in the particular way they’re asking it?

3.) Finally, do you think that the particular questions asked by each of these studies complement the other – and if so, how?

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