This is an individual assignment-please complete both tasks 1 and 2 Both tasks relate to the units in the module guide and the attached case study.  It is advised that you read the case study thoroughly before attempting the tasks. Task 1 (40% marks) 500 words (+/- 10%) each short answer question requires a response in a few sentences for the questions awarded up to 4-6 marks and a paragraph for questions awarded up to 8-10 marks. 1) What are the core principles/characteristics of any project and why are they important? (8 marks). 2) Explain how you would have defined the scope of this project (6 marks). 3) What difference would it have made if Penny Black had plotted out a full project Gantt chart and critical path? (6 marks). 4) What method(s) would you employ for cost management and why? (4 marks). 5) How would you have assessed and managed the risks on this project (6 marks). 6) What quality methods (project evaluation and control) are missing in this case study and which ones would you have imposed (10 marks). Task 2 (60% marks) A case study report of 2500 words (+/- 10%) Please read the attached case study of Grabbit and Scarper and Sons Limited Identify the mistakes made by the company and Penny Black and then write a report stating how these errors should have been addressed by applying a range of project management concepts introduced in the module such as project definition, project scope, developing teams, leadership and management. Assignment guidelines: The assignment should be written as a formal academic report with a clear introduction and logical presentation of points (2500 words +/- 10%).  The Harvard referencing style is required for citations; a word count must be noted. Fictitious Case Study: Grabbit and Scarper & Sons Limited Grabbit and Scarper & Sons Limited is a family owned business.  Mr Grabbit’s great-grandfather started the company in 1910 and since partnering with Alan Scarper’s Manufacturing in 1990, the operation has now grown to an internationally renowned company manufacturing pharmaceutical products.  It is based close to a new airport in the North East of England with good road, rail and sea links.  The annual turnover has now grown to 50 million pounds sterling in 2014. Both families are actively involved in the running of the company. The Grabbits’ have 4 family members in senior positions, William Grabbit is Chief Executive, his brother, George is Plant Manager; youngest brother Liam Grabbit is IT Manager and their sister, Sue Grabbit is Director of Human Resources and when Alan Scarper retired in 2010, his two sons Simon and Stephen Scarper joined the company to develop the overseas business and are currently located in Germany.  The company has been so successful that Sue Grabbit appointed Penny Black to join the team and in the first instance, to take over responsibility for the project management of a special project in the North East, with a view to then managing a new plant in the USA within the next 5 years. Penny Black Penny Black is a young Chemical Engineer.  She was top of her year from a world leading university and has previous work experience of plant manager roles in the chemical industry.  She has worked in the USA, Europe and lately, Paris but returned home to the North East to take care of her aged parents who both required daily help to be able stay in their home.  Penny’s husband Paul is unable to join her as he has a senior position in Paris and had agreed to a 5 year contract, so both Penny and her husband travel backwards and forward to see each other whenever it is possible. Penny was delighted to be given the opportunity to join Grabbit and Scarper & Sons Limited , as she believed the family run business was just the type of organisation she wanted to work in at this time in her life.  She was also looking  forward to the chance to work in America again. Penny Black’s new job After leaving her last job, as Assistant Plant Manager and with her husband…

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