In nearly every business setting, you will be asked to write short, clear, and concise communications both within the business and to external audiences. In this project, you will practice several forms of style of writing. These forms include memos, emails, and letters.

Your portfolio should include the following:

  1. A memo based on Application 2-A from Business Writing Scenarios (see page 36). This memo should follow proper business writing design conventions and should adhere to standard memo format. Your memo must be at least 300 words long.
  2. An email to an unhappy customer. These kinds of communications are very common, so being able to respond skillfully in these situations will benefit you and your company. Using the scenario from Application 6-E on page 142, write an email with proper headings (To, From, CC, Subject), structure, and content. Adhere to the background, purpose and audience, and communication strategy listed in on pages 142-143 in Business Writing Scenarios. Your email should be at least 250 words.
  3. A letter responding to a demand. In this scenario, you are asked to respond to a letter regarding legal issues. Review the scenario on pages 152-153 of Business Writing Scenarios and respond to Ms. Suya’s letter. Adhere to the background, purpose, audience, and communication strategy listed in on pages 152-153 of our textbook. Be sure to also use proper business letter format and structure. Your letter should be 500-750 words.

  4. An informal response to a request for information. The media you choose to use for this response is up to you. It can be a memo, email, letter, or short report. Visit and explore the various current events related to business and how communication was handled during each event. Choose one entry that relates in some way to your major or your future career.

Imagine that your boss has asked you to follow up regarding this issue. She wants to know your thoughts and interpretation of what happened, how it was handled, and how the situation could have been handled better, specially related to communication. In an informal, professional communication respond to this request using proper business style writing, format, and etiquette. Your response should be 500-750 words.

Your portfolio will be graded on the following:

  • Have you addressed the rhetorical situation in each document (audience, context, etc.)?
  • Does each piece comply with professional expectations for format and design?
  • Does the writing exemplify business style? Is it concise, clear, and organized logically?
  • Is each document designed with the audience in mind? Have you considered tone, style, and approach? Is it easy to skim? Is it easy to find the information the reader might need?
  • Is each document thoroughly edited, revised, and proofread?
  • Does each document adhere to the corresponding scenarios listed in the assignment instructions?
  • Are the length requirements met without repetition or redundancy?

Please submit components of this assignment in one document with a page break inserted in between each piece of the portfolio.

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