Self-Signed Certificates

Self-signed SSL/TLS certificates are typically used for the following reasons:

  • Testing environments
  • When a CA is not present or an organization doesn’t want to spend resources creating their own CA.
  • When an organization doesn’t want to spend the money on a known CA such as GoDaddy, Verisign, Thawte, etc.

Before the Zeus Books website goes online, you have to test the website you created in Week 2 using a self-signed certificate on the Login page only.

On the basis of your understanding of the above topic, create a 3- to 4page report in a Microsoft Word document addressing the following:

  • Screenshot showing that the Login page is using a self-signed certification. Be sure to include a screenshot of the certificate details window (one page).
  • Description of how the three major web browsers—Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome present SSL/TLS certificates differently to the end user (two pages).
  • Summary of the importance of a SSL/TLS certificate for websites (one page).

Submission Details:

  • Support your responses with examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format.
  • Name your document SU_ITS4109_W3_PP3_LastName_FirstInitial.doc
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