Servant Leadership in Action Mooney and Mausbach (2008) describe curriculum leaders as change agents who will experience the discomforts with implementing change often resisted and criticized by others. Regardless, great curriculum leaders are charged with analyzing and questioning the status quo, believing that the district (or organization) can go higher, and having the courage and conviction to stick with curricular changes until full implementation is achieved. On the lighter side, Lopez (2015) explains how simplicity leads to success, why laughter strengthens relationships, and how to find balance between being fed and feeding others. Consider what you read from Lopez in relation to the role of curriculum or teacher leader as you prepare your initial discussion response. Initial Post: For each of the three bold choices from Lopez (2015), Chapter 5: Choose Simplicity, Chapter 6: Make Laughing Mandatory, and Chapter 7: Choose to Feed and Be Fed, discuss One idea or strategy that caused you to think critically or added to your previous understanding. One way to turn talk into action. The potential impact of what you selected and discussed on your own development and the learning of others. How these principles support the theory of transformational leadership and transparency.

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