(Links to an external site.)I have randomly put each of you into a group. Most of the groups are made up of only two people as to create an interpersonal interaction. So, if you find yourself in a group of three it is simply because we have an odd number of students.

It’s important you know that other students are able to see your group page!!!! This is a safe space for only the two (or three) of you.

Here’s what you will do:

  • Go to your group’s home page!! You can find it along the left side of your screen under the universal control panel. Once in your group home page you will be able to connect with your group members. You’ll see that your home page has its own control panel where you can start discussions or set up conferences, etc.
  • First, in your home page start a discussion thread, or set up a conference with your partner(s) and decide how exactly you want to complete the first part of this assignment. Talk about your availability and see if by chance there is a time that you can be on-line at the same time. If so, perhaps you may even want to exchange phone numbers and do the first part of the assignment over the phone. If you are really lucky maybe you will be able to meet each other for a half hour at a Starbucks or something. I also HIGHLY recommend using Google hangout. Then you can still see each other and complete the assignment. Students tend to like the assignment even better when they can meet up. If you do not have this luxury, no worries. It is not a requirement, it would just make the activity more fun. You can easily reply to individual threads in this discussion group so this will be easy no matter what.
  • For the first part of this assignment you will be working through your home page:
    • Below you will see a number of topics that I want you to disclose with your partner(s).
    • You are to disclose this information with your partner(s) ONE AT A TIME IN ORDER of how they are listed. This part is very important!! EXAMPLE: BOTH OF YOU DISCLOSE THE ANSWER TO #1 BEFORE MOVING ON TO #2.

Feel free to chat about the experience!!!

  • For the second part of the assignment each of you need to post an entry that I will be grading. YOU MUST POST IT AS A REPLY TO THE MAIN ASSIGNMENT ENTRY!! So, all of your conversations take place in the group home page and what you want me to read and grade is posted to the assignment.
    • Give me good detail as to what happened with your partner during this assignment.Let me know how you disclosed. Did you manage to get together somehow or chat through Canvas? Was there time that went by in between each topic or were you able to go through the list one at a time in one sitting? And anything else you can share.
    • EACH OF YOU must apply THE SOCIAL PENETRATION THEORY (pg 95-96) to your experience. The more you can use the theory and apply it to your experience the better you will be showing me your understanding of the theory. Within your discussion be sure to include an application of THE NORM OF RECIPROCITY, SELF-DISCLOSURE AS A GRADUAL PROCESS, PURPOSES SELF-DISCLOSURE CAN SERVE, and at least 2 BENEFITS & 2 RISKS OF SELF-DISCLOSURE.
    • Compare and contrast self-disclosure when it is on-line vs face to face. You experienced one of them. Do you think it impacted how it went? What differences do you think happens between the two? I expect a full critical thinking discussion on the difference between online vs. face to face communication.
    • Finish your graded entry discussing, with critical thinking and depth of thought, how you think self-disclosure impacts a relationship. Feel free to use examples from your own life to illustrate your points.

Most of all get to know each other and HAVE FUN!!

(IF your assigned partner does not participate in time for you to complete the assignment as required, then choose a person in your personal life that you do not know very well and ask them to do the assignment with you).

Here are your disclosure topics. In order (both of you doing one number before moving on to the next) disclose to your partner….

1. Your name.

2. Your major field of study.

3. Your classification. (year in school)

4. Your hometown.

5. Your age.

6. Where you live.

7. Why you are in this class.

8. Something for which you have a talent.

9. Something at which you would like to do better.

10. What you believe to be your best physical feature.

11. What you believe to be your worst physical feature.

12. A law you have broken.

13. Something you have done of which you are ashamed.

14. The things you fear.

15. What your political beliefs are.

16. How much money you and/or your parents make.

17. A lie you have recently told.

18. Your affection needs.

19. Your first sexual encounter – past or future.

20. Your last visit to the lavatory (bathroom).

Answer the questions as if you were me. I will give the gender and age and anything else you need to complete the the Assignment after I have chosen you do complete the assignment.

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