You are a white, middle-class, male police officer with less than one-year experience in law enforcement. You have been assigned to a high crime, low-income neighborhood. There are many calls for service and a significant amount of violent crime in this area. In fact, several times this year, the SWAT team has been called to rescue officers attacked by armed residents

Your partner is an 8-year veteran officer who has been involved in many disturbances in this neighborhood and dislikes many of the citizens who live in this neighborhood. In fact, during the course of several conversations, your partner used racial epithets against African Americans, and talks about ‘nuking the whole area’ and starting all over with a group of ‘civilized’ people.

In the eleven months you have been a police officer you have heard rumors this officer has engaged in acts of excessive violence toward citizens, and even planted evidence on suspects in order to arrest them.

While working late one night, the two of you answer a call from a resident that a domestic disturbance is taking place. Your partner says, “I know these people, we get called here all the time. I’ll handle this”. You enter the home of the African American family and your partner rushes into another room. Three shots are fired, and when you come into the room, you find a Black male lying on the floor with gunshot wounds to his chest. Your partner is standing over him with his weapon drawn, smoke coming from the barrel of his pistol. He tells you the dead man reached for a gun, but none is found. The man’s family begins to scream your partner shot an unarmed man.

Later, when detectives take your statement, they ask if your partner used excessive force against this victim. Investigators also tell you the family members of the deceased claim they did not own a gun, and none was found at the scene.

  • Does your partner’s attitudes toward African Americans factor into his behavior? Why, Why not?
  • Do you think your partner might be prejudiced against minorities, in general?
  • What about this particular case?
  • Do you think your partner might be prejudiced against minorities, in general?
  • What about this particular case?
  • What do you say to the detectives?
  • Consider the following scenario. Debate the pros and cons of ALL options and decide what you would do AND explain why
  • Find a case similar to the above scenario to support (pro or con) your responses

Minimum 500 words.

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