Based on your selected scenario from Hands-On Database, complete the “To Do” activities described at the end of Chapters 6 and 7 of the textbook. Your response should be submitted as a Word document.

Part 1

Grandfield College The management is afraid of a software audit. The chief systems manager just came from a meeting where he heard that a school had just been fined $25,000 for illegally installed software. The current tracking system probably couldn’t hold up to an audit. It is crucial that this new database be up and running soon. You assure the management that it will be done as soon as is possible, but you want to make sure that it really does what it is supposed to do. If you implement before it is ready, it might make matters worse rather than better.

To Do

  • Review your diagram for the database, making sure that the design is complete and normalized.
  • Create the database in SQL Server.
  • Create the tables in the new database, selecting appropriate data types for the columns, setting a primary key for each table, and setting allow nulls as appropriate.
  • Create a database diagram and create the relationships among tables.
  • Add some sample data to each table.
  • Documentation: Make a data dictionary that lists each table, all the columns for that table, and the data types for each column.

Part 2

Grandfield College The college is feeling pressurized to get the new system in place. There could be an inspection of their IT services any time now, and they want to be ready. It is time to look at the business rules and test them with some SQL. Documentation: Set up a test plan. Look at the business rules you developed previously, and design some SQL queries to test them. List the rule, the SQL you wrote, and the results. Also note whether the database passes or fails the test.

  • Your queries should include the following:
  • Two or three simple SELECTs with various WHERE criteria.
  • Two or three queries using aggregate functions.
  • At least two queries that use joins.
  • Two or three INSERT statements.
  • One or two UPDATEs and/or a DELETE.
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