Write an MLA styled, 800 word or more, rhetorical analysisof one of the articles listed on blackboard. Note that you are not being asked to tell me if you agree with the writer. Your task is to evaluate the writer’s use of rhetoric. In essence, you are evaluating how the writer writes and how the intended audience may receive the writer’s intended message, not whether or not you like her ideas.

The beginning of the paper sets up a problem-thesis-support structure and fulfils the old/new contract (Worth 10%):

Grabs the interest of your readers

Provides significance to the issue

Includes full name of author and title of her work

Explains the author’s intended message

Provides a good thesis that answers the following: to what extend does the author convey her message effectively to her specific audience and through what strategies does she do that

The student Rhetorical analyzes the writer’s appeal to ethos, logos, pathos (Worth 50%): You do not have to use the vocabulary but you must demonstrate that you understand how her use of rhetoric effects and sways a specific audience. You need to aim for at least 3 to 4 well explained body paragraphs that rhetorically analyze specific examples from your chosen text. Ask yourself are my paragraphs doing this:

Making a claim about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the author’s exposition of the message to her audience

Explaining what the author does to convey her message

Providing specific example(s)/quotes that point to where she is doing what you claim she is doing

Analyzing the purpose of that quote

Analyzing how the intended audience might receive that quote: how might they feel, react or respond to that specific message?

Explaining why that specific example was effective or ineffective (depending on what you’re arguing)

The students wraps up their argument well (Worth 10%)ConclusionDo’s and don’ts:

Do not write a 3 sentence conclusion

Write an inspired and well-developed paragraph that reiterates, in different words, a shorter, more concise version of your thesis, conveys the significance of the writers message, and moves the reader to care about the issue at hand.

Organization (Worth 10%): The student has a well-organized essay that contains all the elements required. Each paragraph has a clear topic sentence that makes a claim. The claim is supported through explanations, examples and a focused argument. There are appropriate paragraph breaks and transitions between ideas. The essay flows, seamlessly connecting one idea to the next, and fulfills reader expectations by presenting old information before new information.

Mechanics and Word Count (Worth 10%): the student meets the 800-word count (counted from the first word in the intro to the last word in the conclusion). The student carefully revises the essay, and makes minimal grammar mistakes; the student uses proper punctuation, has varying sentence structure and lengths and each sentence can be clearly understood the first time read.

MLA Format, in-text citations and Work Cited page (Worth 10%):Student follows proper MLA style, including headings and title, Times New Roman 12pts font, double space, a Work Cited page, and includes quotes from the article as evidence in each paragraph; these quotes must not take over the student’s writing and must be shorter than two lines per quote. The quotes must be properly cited and analyzed.

The article is named “why activism is good for you” by Sarah Clancy. I sent it.

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