To Do: This first assignment will ask to explore how a certain group or movement is using rhetoric. To that end, do the following:

  1. Choose a movement or group.
  2. Choose a text or texts to analyze (I.e. traffic blocks, die-ins, songs, social media posts).
  3. Reflect on questions such as the following:
    • What are you curious about when you look at this community/movement and the texts they create?
    • What interests you?
    • What do you want to investigate?
    • Where does your movement publish their texts?
    • How do they define their audience?
    • What stylistic choices do they make?
    • What content choices?
    • What choices regarding images, layout, etc?
    • How do such choices relate to their rhetorical purpose/s?
  4. Use the reflection questions to guide your analysis of the text or texts. Practice listening to each text, placing it in its rhetorical situation, and describing its rhetorical strategies.
  5. Present your results in an 800-1000 word review where you rate the groups rhetorical efficacy.

Why Bother: This major assignment fulfills the following course outcomes:

  • Demonstrate awareness and use of strategic rhetorical and stylistic techniques within multilingual and diverse linguistic contexts
  • Evaluate how information is produced and consumed in specific contexts
  • Exhibit reflective and metacognitive thinking strategies
  • Develop and use effective invention, composing, and revision processes

Rationale: This assignment is asking you to critically analyze a group that you are a part of, are interested in, or perhaps disagree with. Taking the time to look at how groups are communicating in social environments helps you make informed decisions as to how you will respond to this group as well as other groups with similar messages and/or purposes.

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