Rome (Season 1): Episode 9 “ Utica ” and Episode 10 “Triumph” View the video and answer the following questions in detail. Two page minimum, approx 500 words.

Submit via Life in Rome drop box on right hand side of page.

Video can be found in the ‘modules’ folder

30 points.



Lucius Vorenus (former Centurion)

Titus Pullo (former legionnaire)

Niobe (Vorenus’ wife)

Eirene (Pullo’s slave)


Julius Caesar (Consul, Dictator)

Atia of the Julii (Caesar’s Niece)

Gais Otavian (Atia’s son, future Emperor Augustus)

Octavia of the Julii (Atia’s daughter)

Marcus Junius Brutus (Senator)

Servilia of the Junii (Brutus’ mother, Caesar’s jilted lover)


Episode 9: How do the lives of the common Romans and that of the Elite differ? How are they similar?

Use the following categories for comparison

Living Conditions

Daily Activities

Social interactions



Episode 10: The Roman Triumph was an important institution borrowed from the Etruscans. It was not only a political institution but religious, cultural and social as well. How does the significance of the Triumph reflect Roman culture, religion and politics?

Make sure to include specific references to the characters and events in the film when answering the questions.

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